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November 26 Jackson Taylor and the Sinners w/Special Guest: Cody Jinks
Nov 26 @ 9:00 pm


Jackson Taylor is a story teller, plain and simple.

Jackson Taylor tells stories about what he knows — life. Jackson’s lyrics paint tales of lives filled with passion and joy as much as of a life tainted by sorrow and disappointment – his life. Jackson sings of heaven and hell, beauty and grit – Jackson sings of real life.

Born one of eleven siblings to parents of migrant workers, his life began in Moody, Texas, a small town just north of Austin. It was a nomadic existence stripped of the comforts and security that most take for granted. Jackson’s roots instead became deep seeded in his love for music, a passion passed on to Jackson at an early age by his father who would steal away whenever possible to see and hear country greats like Waylon, Willie, and Billy Joe Shaver perform, often with Jackson in tow.

Jackson’s adolescence was spent bouncing from one migrant labor town to another, finally settling in a small farming town in Washington State. After graduating high school, he moved back to Texas for a while but soon left to try and make his mark in Nashville. There, Jackson found work as a songwriter, but life for Jackson was still a steep uphill climb, and after a couple of tough and frustrating years, Jackson had to face the hard truth that Nashville was not the “home” for which he had spent his whole life searching.

From New York City to Los Angeles, Jackson has finally found his rightful home, ironically right back where his life began — in Texas.

Combining his real life experiences with old school country elements, and throwing in the flavors of punk and southern rock to create a style all his own, Jackson Taylor continues to break the rules of traditional country music with his straightforward lyrics, “take it or leave it” approach, intense live performances, and the drive and determination of a freight train. The end result can not be pigeon holed into any style and can only be rightfully defined as what it is: “Jackson Taylor Music”.

Billy Joe Shaver summed up it up best when he said, “Jackson’s songs are so real and honest, you know straight off he’s been there and done that. He writes and sings like he lives, great songs that I believe will live forever.”

Cody Jinks

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Have a blessed day!
Nov 27 @ 6:00 pm

Closed for Thanksgiving Day. Join us for Charlie Robison w/special guest: Jonny Burke tomorrow!

November 28 Charlie Robison w/Special Guest: The O’s
Nov 28 @ 9:00 pm

Charlie Robison by Josie Stein Drenner

There is no mystery to Charlie Robison. What you see is what you get. He is an avid outdoorsman, a full time dad, a road warrior and a veteran artist. If you ask him a question – about anything – you better be ready for the plainspoken truth of an answer.

Throughout his career and eight albums later, Charlie Robison has forged his own path within the country music world as well as the Lone Star music scene. Robison’s touring schedule keeps him on the road with his band more than 150 dates a year.

Growing up in the Texas Hill country where his family has ranched the land for eight generations, music was a staple both in and out of the home. It’s no wonder that Charlie, his brother Bruce and sister Robyn Ludwick all enjoy respected and critically acclaimed music careers.

The O's

We started our group in the summer of 2008, and after having known each other through all of our other groups (Polyphonic Spree, Young Heart Attack, Slick 57, Rose County Fair, Hi-Fi Drowning, etc), it was an easy upstart and took no time jumping in head first. We both had songs that we felt needed to be played but no band to use as an outlet. Three months later, we entered the recording studio and recorded an EP which ended up being half of our first album “We Are The O’s” (2009 Idol Records).

We have since toured relentlessly all across the US, UK, Europe, and even jaunted to Hawaii, hi-fiving friends and fans alike; just trying to keep ourselves out on the road and creating new music for good people. In 2011, we recorded our second album with the Grammy award winning Stuart Sikes. Entitled “Between The Two,” we decided to play every instrument on the album and had Stuart man the helm. It was liberating and exciting and brought us further than we had been before.

We hit the road again jumping back and forth across the great ponds, made music videos, bought and broke vans, bought and broke gear, ate poorly, ate well, had fun and not so much fun, met amazing people, learned a lot about life, forgot a lot of things, slept a little, bought and wore out hundreds of pairs of pants and shirts, resoled our cowboy boots countless times, played with incredible artists, performed on TV shows, talk shows, radio shows, festivals, clubs, bars, restaurants, several different countries and continents, swam in clear water, dredged through the gulf, and other countless, endless adventures to name.
We did this all as we have always, to make good music for good people.

And into the future we go with “Thunderdog”, our third studio album released in 2013. We decided to record the majority of the new album, at the recommendation of our great producer, Chris “Frenchie” Smith, in Tornillo, TX at the legendary Sonic Ranch Studio. It’s a state of the art, top notch studio where we could stay on site, eat on site, and record without distractions (other than the delicious Sonic Ranch “Salsa de Roja” that lead to many debates on whether or not anything would taste good without it afterwords…) We finished up the album at The Bubble in Austin, TX and look forward to getting it into everyone’s hands!

See you folks on the other side and we look forward to the ride.

December 3 Private Event
Dec 3 @ 6:00 pm
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Have a blessed day!
Dec 4 @ 6:00 pm

Closed for Thanksgiving Day. Join us for Charlie Robison w/special guest: Jonny Burke tomorrow!

December 4 Rodeo Committee Party
Dec 4 @ 7:00 pm
December 5 Love & Theft : Night That You’ll Never Forget Tour w/ Joel Crouse and DJ DU
Dec 5 @ 9:00 pm

Love and Theft Admat copy

ACM, CMA, and CMT-nominated duo Love and Theft, made up of singer/songwriters
Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, first hit the scene with their debut single
“Runaway” which landed in the top 10 on the Billboard Country Charts. They
followed it up with their #1 platinum hit, “Angel Eyes,” from their self-titled album
from RCA Records Nashville. The album also yielded “If You Ever Get Lonely,”
“Running Out of Air,” and fan-favorite “Amen.” Their latest single, “Night That You’ll
Never Forget,” is the first release from their new album due out later this year.
Celebrated for the distinctive style, sparkling harmonies, and sonic depth, Love and
Theft is currently hard at work on their next album with producer Josh Leo
(Alabama) and can be seen on tour throughout the country.

Joel Crouse

Joel Crouse is a breakthrough country pop artist recording on the Show Dog – Universal Music label. Today, at 20 years of age, the Nashville singer/songwriter is creating his debut album in collaboration with Country/Pop/Rock producer Jamie Houston.


December 6 Shane Smith and The Saints w/Special Guest: Drugstore Gypsies
Dec 6 @ 9:00 pm

shane smith and the saints

From opening a sold out show at the oldest dance hall in Texas, to singing on the top of a snow-covered mountain in Colorado, Shane Smith and The Saints have managed to cover serious ground in the Texas music front without an album to their name. After two years of hard work, the wait is finally over with the highly-anticipated release of the debut album Coast.

After playing music throughout his adolescence, Smith decided to take the leap in 2010 and devote his life to music. Though never easy, Smith looks at the opportunity with nothing but humility and wide-eyed enthusiasm. “When I listen to songs from artists like Guy Clark, Hayes Carll and Adam Carroll, I’m reminded of how powerful music can be and the ways it can move people. I look at music as a never ending opportunity to truly impact a listener.” It is this unyielding passion and love of the open road that have provided Smith and The Saints with a deep seeded relentlessness to perform on as many stages as possible. “Music’s ability get through a day of work, relieve a tough time or even causing a person to dance for the first time in years, I think that is my favorite part about doing this… seeing a reaction from the song. I hope they find that in Coast.”
Almost all of the miles traveled have been spent with the passenger seat occupied by fiddle player and long-time friend, Bennett Brown. Accompanying Smith and Brown are Tim Allen on lead guitar, Jordan Rochefort on drums and Brian Wolfe on bass. The past few years of travel and camaraderie have helped the band develop the weathered grit sound of old roots rock and traditional country. Many different audiences have been able to kick up their heels to Smith and are now looking forward to hearing the band on the air.

The album’s music reflects relationships made on the road over the past years. Recorded and co-produced by Bob Gentry in the pines of east Texas, the debut album Coast features 13 tracks of powerful multi-part harmonies, in-your-face fiddle riffs and the driving rhythms that make roots music so unique. Coast features guest appearances from Aaron Watson and members of both The Trishas & Turnpike Troubadours.

Tracking the record was no easy task. Spanning a total of two years in and out of studios, all while juggling a 180 shows-per-year schedule; Smith has fought a very long fight to arrive at this debut. That effort along with the relationships made between the members of the band over the years are reflected in the debut single “Coast,” carrying their sound to Texas radio airwaves this summer.

Drugstore Gypsies

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Have a blessed day!
Dec 11 @ 6:00 pm

Closed for Thanksgiving Day. Join us for Charlie Robison w/special guest: Jonny Burke tomorrow!

December 12 Mike Ryan w/Special Guest: Mark Jones & Twenty Paces
Dec 12 @ 9:00 pm

Mike Ryan

In 2010 Mike Ryan rose above 80 other competitors to win the 95.9 The
Ranch Pickin’ Party singer/songwriter competition, and every indication
pointed to more musical success in the near future. His EP “The First One”
was released that summer and produced 2 singles, “Slow Hand” and
“Won’t Let it Show” that both reached the top 25 on the Texas Music
Educated and easy going, Mike’s musical influences are as vast and varied
as growing up in the internet age allows. Some favorites of his would
include The Allman Brothers, The Eagles, ZZ Top The Rolling Stones,
AC/DC….Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Bill Withers….Bob
Dylan, Elton John, Stevie Wonder… and they continue on down the list for
about a mile and a half. Some of his favorite guitar players would be SRV,
Gibbons, Mayer and Paisley.
With hisfirst full length album “Night Comes Falling”, Mike established himself as a prominent figure
among his peers and has solidified his own promising future in country music. Ryan emanates a
competitive spirit when it comes to his career and his strong work ethic is credited for his dedication to
his craft. “I don’t want to let things slip away because I didn’t work hard
enough, or somebody else was better and worked harder.” His hard work has paid off.
He spent his college years at the University of North Texas which gave him the opportunity to be
influenced and inspired by the large, eclectic musical community there as well. Mike Ryan is a genuine
guy with genius talent, and the vision to surround himself with first rate musicians to help him maintain
his direction, and you can bet that when the curtains roll back they’ll light up the stage.
In March of 2013 Mike’s song writing talent led him to a publishing deal with Sea Gayle Music out of
Nashville, Tennessee. Sea Gayle is widely considered one of the top publishing companies in Nashville
and in country music. Later, in the fall of 2013 Mike added the APA talent agency out of Nashville to
handle his tour booking.
At an early age, he’s poured a strong foundation for limitless and long-standing career. The strength of
his ever-expanding guitar and vocal ability, as well as the desire to organize and maintain a band of bad
asses, prove he is building a career to weather any storm. When it comes to Mike Ryan, whether it’s
listening to recordings or seeing him live, you realize you just experienced something special. The good
kind of special. And then BAM! …he finds a place in your list of favorites. You want more. You want to do
it again. Mike Ryan is the real deal in a refreshingly down-to-earth package. Sincere smile included.

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