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Sep. 1 Koe Wetzel
Sep 1 @ 9:00 pm

Koe Wetzel

Koe Wetzel and a group of East Texas boys came together in 2011. By 2015 they had an instant hit album, Out on Parole. This album created something fans could tap their boots to or reminisce about their small hometown that never seems to change. The fiddle licks and guitar riffs combined with Wetzel’s smooth, energetic vocals bring a new sound to “Texas Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Koe Wetzel plans to release their new album Noise Complaint on August 18th. For more information check out their social media accounts.

Koe Wetzel- Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Andres Rocha- Drums
Mason Morris- Bass / Harmony Vocal
Michael Odis Parrish- Lead Guitar.

Official Website

Koe Wetzel Facebook Page

Sep. 2 FULLSCREEN LIVE Presents: Girls Night In (All Ages Show)
Sep 2 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Girls Night In Poster

Fullscreen Live Presents: Girls Night In! This year’s all-star lineup includes Niki & Gabi, Alisha Marie, Jessie Paege, and Alyson Stoner! The 24-city tour brings together fans from across the U.S. and Canada for an evening of dance, musical performances, and an opportunity to meet their favorite stars.

*** A General Admission ticket is required to purchase a Meet & Greet or Pre-Show Party Upgrade. General Admission ticket is NOT included in the upgrade and must be purchased separately.

For any questions regarding this show please email:

Sep. 3 Micky & the Motorcars w/ Special Guest: Austin Meade
Sep 3 @ 9:00 pm

Micky and the Motorcars

Micky and the Motorcars, with their own band of Americana rock, bring an optimism and integrity only acquired after performing so long the only thing left to tell is the truth.
Eleven years and six albums after MMC was founded in Challis, Idaho, the band still writes more than 90 percent of its music as it defines the lives of brothers Micky Braun (vocals, acoustic guitar) Gary Braun (vocals, guit
ars, mandolin, harmonica) Joe Fladger (bass), Dustin Schafer (lead guitar) and Shane Vannerson (drums, percussion).
Micky and the Motorcars may be self-described as “a little rough around the edges,” but with its rocking sound, MMC shares real thoughts, is full of depth, and has a honest, raw emotion and energy bleeding through Micky’s heart straight out into the crowd. Anyone who has ever loved and lost or loved and drank or loved at all knows exactly where he’s coming from and what he’s talking about in a sincere, piercing way.
It’s also made Micky one of the most sought after songwriting collaborators on the scene, and consequently MMC songs have credits to brother Willy Braun, Randy Rogers, Cody Canada, former Jack Ingram bassist Robert Kearns, as well as Kevin, Dustin and Savannah Welch. Throughout its tenure, MMC’s Braun front men have been quoted repeatedly as “just wanting to play good songs.”
For Micky and Gary, whose genetic musical legacy precedes them, playing and singing is damn near the only life they’ve ever known. The boys grew up in the Western mountains, playing music with their family: older brothers (Reckless Kelly’s Willy and Cody Braun) and father (full-time musician, Muzzie Braun). The boys’ paternal grandparents were both were full-time musicians as well, and the boys watched their father play in his own Braun brother band with their uncles Billy and Gary.
For MMC’s Braun brothers, they hope to create their own legacy — of doing what feels good, what sounds right, and hoping it pays off. So far, it has. MMC has come a long way from playing for free and sleeping on random floors and couches.
Now, travelling nationwide more than 200 days year, the most rewarding thing for MMC is watching the raw emotion of the crowds. There’s an excitement, Gary says, never really knowing how everything is going to work out. But the ups and downs of the road somehow make it all worthwhile for the Motorcars, who don’t have any plans of slowing down.

Official Website

Micky & the Motorcars Facebook Page

Sep. 8 Pat Waters & the Chainlink Band
Sep 8 @ 9:00 pm

Pat Waters








Hailing from Bridgeport, Texas, country music mainstay Pat Waters brings his faith based values, hard work ethic, sense of loyalty to friends and family, to his brand of music. The lanky traditionalist is truly a breath of fresh air in a world challenged daily by turmoil. Pat is a son, a husband, a father, a best friend, a Lonestar native, an ex-college football wide receiver, an inspirational role model to students all across the nation and most of all a high caliber country music artist.

Pat’s good ole’ boy tunes can line up lovers up on the dance floor with his classic honky tonkin’ style and Texas twang.This Strait laced crooner can keep you two steppin’ and boot scootin’ all night long until the cows come home.

Pat with his infectious smile, dynamic audience connection, and his oh-so-smooth rangy baritone voice is someone you don’t want to miss in today’s country music scene. He can make you raise your drinks and break out your favorite blue jeans and boots just like George Strait, and his songs are simple, fun and relatable much like Alan Jackson’s.

According to Pat, he got serious about music late in life after finishing college at the University of North Texas with a degree in marketing and a minor in international business. Although the lure of entertaining tugged at Waters, he has always been both a dreamer and a pragmatist.

“I didn’t buy my first guitar until I was 20, but I wish I had started around age 10,” Pat said. “I was an athlete, and playing sports had always been my dream. I knew to support my family in the future, I would need to finish college, and I had always wanted to own my own business. A few years after college my uncle and I partnered up, and now we own an oil field construction company and a trucking company. I had picked up guitar shortly after college, and I answered an ad in the Dallas Morning News to get my first paying gig. I played two songs at an opry house for $25. That is when I knew music was something I wanted to pursue.”

Pat started out playing at VFW’s, oprys and small clubs, wooing the hearts of country music fans throughout the Southwest. He has released nine critically-acclaimed CD’s, made Texas Music Charts and even scored a #1 hit in the European market earning him the Terry Award’s Male Vocalist of the Year Award in Texas. Waters has shared the stage with country legends such as Merle Haggard, John Conlee, Johnny Bush, Gary Stewart, Keith Whitley, Gary P. Nunn and many others.

“I try to keep my fans out on the dance floor all night long,” Pat said. “I can work the crowd and work the stage, but the one thing I can’t do is swing from the chandeliers like Garth Brooks. People always assume that being a Texan and an entertainer I like to party and go out, but one thing people might find surprising about me is that I am a homebody. I love my family and taking my sons fishing and hunting. I have never been big into alcohol, and I’m scared to death of dope because I never wanted to be a slave to it.”

Since 2001, this humanitarian has been the “National Spokesperson for America’s Drug Free Promotions”, (501c 3, a humanitarian non-profit organization) traveling to hundreds of school districts throughout the Southwest performing and visiting with youth about the dangers of illicit drugs, teen bullying, teen suicide and the abuse of alcohol. “Today’s students are our country’s future,” Pat said. “It is my aim to help steer them in the right direction using music, my own personal story and statistical facts.”

Pat’s new album “Like a Radio” hit the stores early Spring of 2015. His current single, “Crazy That Way” has been widely received and has filled the void for traditional country music and values.

Sep. 9 Sam Sliva w/ Special Guest: Drew Fish Band
Sep 9 @ 9:00 pm

Sam Sliva






Emerging from the musical Mecca that is Austin, Texas, Sam Sliva is fast becoming an outfit to be reckoned with. Their sophomore effort “…And the People Say” finds Sam and the gang striding a new plane of refinement and tightening of their sound. Sliva’s writing is becoming at once more expansive and focused as a vision. Elements ranging from reggae to folk are brought together and funneled through Sliva’s alternative Americana apparatus to produce a range of handsomely crafted songs that stretch boundaries yet sound at home with one another. Apart from the well-executed cover of Ryan Adams’s “Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight”, it has become more difficult to muster a list of artists that this new batch of songs share a kinship with. Already garnering thousands of fans through radio play, live shows, and social media outreach, “…And the People Say” is sure to expand that fan base and distinguish Sam Sliva & The Good as a unique and promising source of rock from the Lone Star State.

Drew Fish Band





Drew Fish is a Texas country original. Living in Austin, the live music capitol of the universe, he didn’t have to go far to realize his dream. Trained on the piano and guitar at a young age, Drew found his passion to write in high school. His audience has grown exponentially since his early performances at El Arroyo and Hill’s Singer-Songwriter Night. If you don’t get your fix at one of the many venues of the Drew Fish Band, you can catch him as a frequent guest on stage with his friend, recording artist, Curtis Grimes. What makes Texas special is the unique people and unique experiences. Drew’s music captures the essence of Texas– floating down the Guadalupe River at Gruene, watching the surf roll in at South Padre, or listening to the rhythm of a windmill in Lubbock. With the musical influences of his friends, Cory Morrow, Shane Smith, and Thom Shepherd and the encouragement of Grammy Award winning producer and musician, Lloyd Maines, Drew has honed his songs into a musical experience of Texan culture.

Whether it’s the generation above him two stepping to Show Me Tonight or the younger generation who is ready for the next Three Day Weekend, audiences of all ages are not only boot scootin’ to his live music at the dancehall or singing along with his CD but enjoying his next great hit on the radio.

Sep. 10 Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers w/ Special Guest: Dean Seltzer
Sep 10 @ 9:00 pm

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

Roger Clyne & the Peachmakers




Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers – Musical beacons of the Southwest, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers deliver vivid lyrics, addictive guitar riffs and a full bodied rhythm section on more than a dozen studio and live albums over the past fifteen years. RCPM consistently produced nothing but uncompromised, unadulterated, pure rock and roll, building a reputation as one of the hardest working touring bands in America. Clyne’s musical career spans close to two decades including several hits with The Refreshments and penning the theme song for the TV show ‘King Of The Hill.’ He also produces his own brand of triple distilled, extremely smooth, Blue Agave tequila called Mexican Moonshine.

Dean Seltzer

Dean Seltzer






Houston Examiner:
“Really it wasn’t just a performance, it was a PARTY!”
Dean tells it like it is. But what’s even better, he sings it like it is. His lyrics and emotion when belting out his original tunes are quite refreshing.

Sep. 15 Austin Layne
Sep 15 @ 9:00 pm

Austin Layne

Austin Layne

Austin Layne was born Austin Layne Brasher on January 27, 1990. He spent much of his life in Grand Saline, TX – which is where he claims as his hometown. Austin Layne graduated from Robert E Lee High School (Tyler, TX) in 2009. Austin then went to work in the oilfield for 6 years. During that time, he learned to play the guitar and began songwriting. In March 2014, Austin Layne played his first professional gig at The Forge in Ben Wheeler, TX and by March 2015, Austin decided to leave the oilfield to pursue his six string dream.

In January 2015, Austin Layne met his soul mate and (eventually) music manager, Brianna. The two plan to “get hitched” in the near future. They share three kids Elijah, Hallye, and Emma.

Austin has a strong passion for songwriting. 90% of his songs are from real life experiences of himself or someone close to him, such as “Start Over Monday”, “I’m A Runner”, and “Take Another”. His love for songwriting and telling stories is tremendous, and he doesn’t hold back!

Austin Layne’s first record “I’m A Runner” was released March 23, 2016.

Sep. 16 Curtis Grimes
Sep 16 @ 9:00 pm

Curtis Grimes
Curtis Grimes Promo Pic

In four short years, Curtis Grimes has been a star college baseball pitcher, chased his dream of being a singer / songwriter, played hundreds of concerts all over Texas and the southwestern United States, and performed in front of millions on television.

After a break up with his then fiance, he started playing guitar and developed an interest in songwriting, teaching himself how to play on a used guitar that he purchased at a pawn shop. Grimes then headed down I35 with plans of finishing his degree at Texas State University in San Marcos. While there he fell under the influence of the Texas Country music scene. With legendary venues so close, he was able to follow the Texas Country artists he looked up to. After playing for friends and relatives at gatherings and parties, Grimes was hooked by the entertainment bug. He started playing acoustic shows at a couple of small venues, bars, and fraternity parties. Things definitely picked up for after he won the Austin leg of Kenny Chesney’s The Next Big Star contest, getting the opportunity to open for Chesney at the Frank Erwin Center during his Poets and Pirates tour.

Sep. 17 Wade Andrew Smith & Driftwood
Sep 17 @ 9:00 pm

Wade Andrew Smith

I have to thank my father for taking me to the Wynona Theater back in 1964 on Main St. in downtown Tomball, Texas to see the movie “Your Cheatin’ Heart”. That’s where it all began. The story of Hank Williams to this day still hangs around in the back of mind along with all of those songs on the album my dear mother bought me at the local grocery store. I ran the needle through that album, wrote down the lyrics on a Big Chief tablet and learned the chords to every song on an old acoustic guitar bigger than me. My father also picked and sang with the owner of the local Western Auto, Sonny Wilcox. I grew up listening to Hank, Merle, George, Johnny and Roger Miller to name a few. I grew up on a farm and experienced the country life where my father would drive back and forth to Houston everyday to provide us with the things necessary for that lifestyle. I learned how to drive in a Chevy pickup he bought at Ford’s Chevrolet. Our old frame house on twenty three acres had everything including a three wheel John Deere tractor. Baby calves and young colts were fed from a bottle. Klein High School FFA would come to our house on field trips to see what real farm life was like. Saturday night dances at Spring Creek Park and Tin Hall listening to Bud and Bud the Hooper Twins and my parents square dancing at the old Humble camp were a common practice. I remember riding my horse bareback down the side of the road singing Dang Me, Hang Me. I’m not officially a songwriter yet, maybe the ideas and memories of past life experiences will someday come out in a song.

You see this band Driftwood was started back in October of 2007. It’s just something I dreamed of doing for a long time. Before that I sang with a local band in LaPorte, Tx. Many thanks to George Dyer for giving me my start on stage. In addition to that I want to thank all the musicians that I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. I have learned something from each and every one of you. Thank you. Thanks to all the songwriters and Stormy Cooper and Lyndon Hughes at SC Media for a stellar CD. I also thank God above for allowing me to follow my dreams and passion and sending me my darlin’ wife who supports me 100% and is my biggest fan!

So, although my history does not include songwriting and years of playing on stage, the boys of Driftwood and I will continue to provide our audience with great dance music and do what we love to do; make people dance!Wade Andrew Smith

Sep. 18 Honeybrowne benefit — Benefiting Janice Slaughter
Sep 18 @ 5:00 pm

Honeybrowne is returning to the Firehouse for a special event.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to catch a Firehouse classic band and support a great cause.

A close friend of the band recently was diagnosed with Cancer.  They are putting together a concert to raise funds for this worthy cause.  They have a long history with the Firehouse Saloon and also returning with them for this great event will be their previous lead guitarist who now plays with Miranda Lambert.  Don’t miss out on this very special event.Fred Andrews and Honeybrowne

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