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Aug. 23 Killer Keyz Dueling Pianos
Aug 23 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Killer Keyz by Dueling Pianos Anywhere is the top-rated dueling pianos show in the country, awarded and maintaining the coveted 5 Star rating over ten straight years! Our exuberant performances thrill clients and fill venues across the nation with all request high-energy audience interactive performances. Each entertainer performs songs directly from the audience’s requests, creating their own special blend of hilarity, excitement and musical favorites delighting guests of all ages.

You can find Dueling Pianos Anywhere performing hilarious and lively audience interactive events throughout the U.S. every year. Each uniquely customized Dueling Pianos Show features the combined musical technique of two extremely talented piano performers.

Aug. 24 Chad Ware Band
Aug 24 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Chad Ware has been playing music most of his life. He started playing guitar at age 10 and by his early 20′s was making quite a name for himself in the Houston area as a lead guitar player. Chad eventually went on to play lead guitar for major acts such as Perfect Stranger, Janie Fricke, Rick Trevino, and Cory Morrow. Chad has played all across the country on some of the largest venues including the privilege of playing on the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennesse. These days Chad has his own band and they are tearing it up. With Chad’s great guitar skills and killer vocals he has put together a “Super Group” of musicians with just as much experience as him to form a powerhouse country band. Their approach to music is unique and original, they have a sound that is becoming the talk around Texas. There is no doubt that those who catch Chad Ware band playing will be completely blown away by the level of talent and energy that they bring to their shows.

Aug. 25 Justin Michael Bell
Aug 25 @ 8:00 pm – Aug 26 @ 2:00 am

Justin Michael Bell is a Country music singer/songwriter. He attends Texas Tech Law School, but spends his summers performing across Texas.

Aug. 31 Folk Family Revival
Aug 31 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Armed with a sound that mixes the rootsy stomp of the Southern states with the trippy swoon of the West Coast, Folk Family Revival make music for rock clubs and rodeos, dive bars and honky-tonks, or campfires and cantinas. A throwback to a time when Southern rock and psychedelic music dominated the airwaves, they may be best described as a psychedelic folk-country rock and roll band, but they’re not wild about labeling their sound. They’d rather let the music do the talking

Water Walker, the band’s newest release (due out on Rock Ridge Music on April 7, 2015), includes 12 songs that were weaned and whittled on the road, where the Texas-based band of brothers — featuring Mason, Barrett and Lincoln Lankford, along with family friend Caleb Pace — built up their audience one gig at a time.

After releasing their debut album in 2011, the guys hit the Texas circuit hard, opening shows for legends like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Wanda Jackson. At times called a country band, the young group used the label as motivation to push their boundaries and develop a diverse yet distinctive set. Soon their sound was reflective of a variety of genres. Some nights they’d have a blues rock feel and others an Americana or folk vibe. This wide-ranging experimentation and push to progress helped fuel Water Walker.

“I’m a huge Dylan fan,” says Mason Lankford, “and I’ve noticed from his live recordings that a song never sounds the same way twice. We’ve always been really into that idea, even as we’ve grown. We want the song to sound different than it did last week. We’ve been changing our songs every day for the last five years, and once we get into the studio, we’ll think about which version worked best and we’ll record it that way.”

When it came time to record Water Walker, Folk Family Revival decided to team up again with Jeffrey Armstreet, the same producer who helped them kick off their career with 2011’s Unfolding. The pace inside the studio was mostly laid-back. Whenever the guys were in Magnolia — the band’s Texas hometown — they were usually working with Armstreet, slowly piecing together a collection of poetic songs ranging in topics from politics, faith, power, love, and the modern world. They’d start by tracking the songs live, capturing the groove and spontaneity of their live shows. Sure, it was work… but it was also a good hang.

If there’s anyone who knows the value of a good hang, it’s the guys in Folk Family Revival. Over the years, a community of musicians who’ve passed through the Magnolia area and spent time at the band’s house have come to be known as “The Family.” Also the case with new friends or fans, the ever expanding “Family” can be explained by the camaraderie that occurs when folks relate to the charitable spirit of the band or their infectious sound. You get the sense that these guys just enjoy good company and good tunes… and they seem to be a magnet for both.

“We can all do more if there’s more people working together,” says Mason. “We’ve met a lot of people since we released Unfolding, and that’s one of the reasons Water Walker sounds so different. We’re better players, better communicators, better friends. We’ve also learned to relax. When we did Unfolding, our producer and friends used to say we were kids who sounded like old souls. Always wanting to try new things and be willing to change, we started getting in touch with our youthful side. We’re still serious and obviously a little more mature… but there’s a looseness to the new record that wasn’t there before.”

Sep. 1 Cody Bryan Band w/ Special Guests: Sarah Hobbs and also Hunter Rea Band
Sep 1 @ 9:00 pm – Sep 2 @ 2:00 am

Texas native Cody Bryan has one of those rich, resonant voices that’s perfectly suited for country, whether he’s rocking a honky-tonk on Saturday night or soothing regret-filled hearts on Sunday morning. WRECK ME (May 14, 2013), the Cody Bryan Band’s debut album, showcases Bryan’s considerable vocal and songwriting skills on 10 strong tracks, most co-written during one marathon weekend in Nashville. Standouts include the first single, “If I’m Going Nowhere,” the love song, “When We Were Made,” and the title track “Wreck Me”. Helmed by producer and Blue October bassist Matt Noveskey, WRECK ME transcends geographic or stylistic boundaries while heralding the arrival of an important new talent. Cody is accompanied by Zach Lynch on lead guitar, Miles Barker on bass, Casey Conway on drums and Cole Gramling on keys to create the Cody Bryan Band! Look for these guys to make an impact on the Texas Country music scene in 2014!

Sep. 2 Moses Rangel
Sep 2 @ 9:00 pm – Sep 3 @ 2:00 am

MEET MO Official Website Facebook Page
When asked the question, “Why Do You Sing?” Moses just laughs and says, “Because It’s What GOD Made Me To Do.”

For over twenty years, Moses Rangel has established himself as a singer’s singer. Influenced by Rhythm and Blues, Gospel, Pop, Jazz, Rock, and, lots of Country, his music is an evolving fusion of stories and melodies.

On November 15, 2015, Moses released a brand new single to country radio. The new single brought new meaning to country love songs. Written by multi-talented hit SESAC songwriters, Jim Femino and James Otto, Moses’ interpretation blended a soulful, neo-traditional country sound into a mix of swampy soul gumbo. WE AIN’T MISSIN’ NOTHIN’ was the first single to be released off the album to a national market.

On May 31, 2016, Moses teamed up with Austin, TX based promoter, Ed Spacek with The Spacek Company for a Texas Radio Release. “Thinkin’ You Could Be Mine” would be the first Texas Radio single off the album. The single did well and top the TRRR charts at number sixty-six.

On December 16, 2016, Moses’ MOSAIC CD was officially made available for downloads on iTunes and other online stores. “The CD sounds like if Glen Campbell and Tom Petty recorded an album together in Muscle Shoals, Alabama” – Michael Hughes – Hartwell Studios

After several months of performances, Moses began working on a new project that is projected for a March 2018 release. In the meantime, Moses will be releasing a new single to radio in August 2017 and concentrating on touring.

Sep. 7 Kaleb McIntire Band
Sep 7 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Landing hard after the success of his 2012 album SCARS, Kaleb fielded offers from several major labels. Unwilling to give up his vision for what his next record should be, he turned down offers and set out to blaze his own path in the country music business. To do so he had to step back, take time to develop his sound, and find the perfect team to bring his vision to reality. It wouldn’t be a quick process. It would take two years.

Teaming up with Texas guitarist Bryant Hunter the two started writing new music and developing a sound that was brand new and hauntingly familiar at the same time.

During this time Kaleb’s first top 30 single, “Redneck In All of Us” had become so popular in Europe that the band decided a European tour was in order. So they packed up their axes and headed to Western Europe playing sold out venues like Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon in Marne­la­Vallee France.

Fresh off the European tour and with a newfound appreciation for where his music could go, Kaleb enlisted the help of Nashville producer Heath Owen, son of legendary ALABAMA front man Randy Owen. They went to work refining the sound Kaleb and Bryant had forged and injecting influences from the likes of Elvis Presley and George Strait.

The resulting tracks are an homage to those who built the foundations of country, but also have a modern feel that will rev your engine every time you hit “play.” These tracks fit just as well alongside Waylon and Merle as they do by any modern artist.

You’ll hear the influence of Elvis in the Rockabilly anthem “Uh­Huh,” the sorrow and hope of Strait in “Plano,” Billy Gibbons’ hard riff style in “Hillbilly Makes a Little Money,” and the hardscrabble influence of the
Ozarks in the dark anthem “Ozark Mountain Stomp.”

The release of Kaleb’s 2015 effort marks a new era for the band and for the genre. As for climbing the ladder of success in the country music business, Kaleb is headed nowhere but up!

Sep. 8 Wade Andrew Smith & Driftwood
Sep 8 @ 8:00 pm – Sep 9 @ 2:00 am

I have to thank my father for taking me to the Wynona Theater back in 1964 on Main St. in downtown Tomball, Texas to see the movie “Your Cheatin’ Heart”. That’s where it all began. The story of Hank Williams to this day still hangs around in the back of mind along with all of those songs on the album my dear mother bought me at the local grocery store. I ran the needle through that album, wrote down the lyrics on a Big Chief tablet and learned the chords to every song on an old acoustic guitar bigger than me. My father also picked and sang with the owner of the local Western Auto, Sonny Wilcox. I grew up listening to Hank, Merle, George, Johnny and Roger Miller to name a few. I grew up on a farm and experienced the country life where my father would drive back and forth to Houston everyday to provide us with the things necessary for that lifestyle. I learned how to drive in a Chevy pickup he bought at Ford’s Chevrolet. Our old frame house on twenty three acres had everything including a three wheel John Deere tractor. Baby calves and young colts were fed from a bottle. Klein High School FFA would come to our house on field trips to see what real farm life was like. Saturday night dances at Spring Creek Park and Tin Hall listening to Bud and Bud the Hooper Twins and my parents square dancing at the old Humble camp were a common practice. I remember riding my horse bareback down the side of the road singing Dang Me, Hang Me. I’m not officially a songwriter yet, maybe the ideas and memories of past life experiences will someday come out in a song.

You see this band Driftwood was started back in October of 2007. It’s just something I dreamed of doing for a long time. Before that I sang with a local band in LaPorte, Tx. Many thanks to George Dyer for giving me my start on stage. In addition to that I want to thank all the musicians that I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. I have learned something from each and every one of you. Thank you. Thanks to all the songwriters and Stormy Cooper and Lyndon Hughes at SC Media for a stellar CD. I also thank God above for allowing me to follow my dreams and passion and sending me my darlin’ wife who supports me 100% and is my biggest fan!

So, although my history does not include songwriting and years of playing on stage, the boys of Driftwood and I will continue to provide our audience with great dance music and do what we love to do; make people dance!

Sep. 9 Will Carter Band
Sep 9 @ 8:00 pm – Sep 10 @ 2:00 am

So much country music today chases images of imaginary love stories leading to fairytale and film worthy lyrics. Country nights in a pickup truck down the back roads of your hometown tell the real tales of growing up for the Texas native and southern bred Will Carter. Growing up in a small town with a deep passion for music, Will Carter has been chasing his own dream down many roads for a long time. His father was his biggest supporter from the very beginning. After losing his father at the very early age of 13, Will Carter developed an unstoppable motivational drive to continue to pursue his dreams. He’s telling his story with a voice that’s turning complete strangers into life-long listeners.

Will Carter was hired at the age of 18 as a lead vocalist for the legendary dancehall band from Texas, The Emotions. During his tenure with the Emotions he played festivals and dancehalls all over Texas. “It was a sincere honor to be a part of the vastly popular band that I grew up idolizing. I learned a great deal of how to put on a high energy show and capture and hold the attention of audiences of all sizes” says Carter.

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Will Carter decided to pursue original music. He has since had charting singles on both Texas and Nashville radio. Will Carter has a very high energy live show that combines rock star stage presence with catchy, groovy tunes. Will Carter has brought his show to dancehalls and festivals all over the south region of the US as well as major events such as CMA Fest in Nashville, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, National Football League, Houston Texans, and the JJ Watt Foundation. 

Will continues to keep his voice healthy by taking lessons with renown vocal instructor, Tom McKinney. With more than 40 years as performer and voice teacher, Tom McKinney has trained many award winning singers including Mario, Demi Lovato, Ray J, Solange, and American Idol finalists. Tom also served as the New Talent Development Vocal Technique Instructor for Beyonce and Mathew Knowles’ recording and publishing company, Music World, in Houston.

Growing up on a self-sustaining farm in the rural town of Frydek, Texas, Will Carter learned the value of hard work and dedication at a very early age. “I’ve always been the wild one, and came up in a fast paced 24/7 work hard, play hard environment,” Carter says. “For me, it’s always been about working hard, making music and hanging with my people. This is what you’ll hear about when you listen to my album.”

With this attitude comes the conversational style found on Will Carter’s album. This voice will not go unheard.

Sep. 16 The Lime Trades w/ Special Guest: Phineus Reb
Sep 16 @ 9:00 pm – Sep 17 @ 2:00 am

The Lime Traders have a sound that’s hard to describe. It comes from such a strange and diverse background, you can’t help but wonder what mood will fall on you as the next note plays. Almost genre less, yet familiar, it has a way of seamlessly replacing the soundtrack to your inner monologue. With members as diverse as the music they play, The Lime Traders are making music with no boundaries.

Originating somewhere in Texas, they found each other through a variety of circumstances, becoming a close group of friends all together in a town far from the scene. They decided to spend Sundays creating their own unique sound and batch of songs over a wood burning stove, cold drinks and plenty of pizza. Sooner than later they had enough material to consider recording the collection.

Described as a number of things, the wide array of influences make it hard to pin point exactly what to call The Lime Traders. A duo of soulful vocalists harmonizing over a duo of heavy blues guitars, with a foundation of deep bass and a groovy pocket to sit it all in make it hard not to dance along. Their live
shows have a habit of forming a large and receptive crowd that gathers at the front, curious about the new groove they can’t help but stomp their feet to.
Making noise in a scene filled with some truly amazing bands, The Lime Traders are sure to be here for a while. Come to a show and see why for yourself.

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