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Dec 10 Private Event
Dec 10 @ 7:00 pm

We’re closed for a private event. Plan your next event with us #firefighterowned #rustic




Dec. 23 Arctic Lights Presents: Jonas Bridges, Simon Britton, Justin Blake, Sam Collins,Jackson Krecioch, New District and MORE
Dec 23 @ 7:00 pm


Arctic Lights is the biggest social media event this holiday season!!! Check out and MEET Jonas Bridges, Simon Britton, Justin Blake, Sam Collins and performances by Jackson Krecioch, New District and MORE

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Gold Circle 4 pm start

VIP Ticket 5 pm start

Dec. 29 Grievous Angel’s Reunion Tour
Dec 29 @ 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm


Join us for an unforgettable evening with the Grievous Angel’s and their Reunion Show!

Jan. 6 Jason Breedlove
Jan 6 @ 9:00 pm

Jason Breelove


Jason Breedlove was born in Houston,TX on January 3rd 1985. Contemporary and Alternative Country music artist. 2008 Jason hit the local Houston Independent Texas Country music scene and release his first single All She Wants to Hear ( Is Goodbye) a song written by local songwriter and TMHOF legend Keith McCoy . In 2009 and 2010 Jason had more plays then any Texas artist on Internet radio on the indi scene. Jason also has been active duty with the US Coast Guard since 2005 . The summer 2016 Jason finally recorded 4 singles with Grammy award winning producer Jeff Huskins in Nashville TN . The future now looks bright for this young artist . A mix of Texas honkytonk and red dirt roots and a modern Island country sounds like a mix of Texas and Kenny Chesney styles. ” Brother Kenny’s style is more then a influence too me it’s my life style and being in the Coast Guard I’ve live by some form of paradise the past 11years . “George Strait, Alan Jackson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are other influences Jason Breedlove has to make up the traditional sound with today’s Nashville technology.

Jan. 7 Jamie Richards
Jan 7 @ 9:00 pm

Jamie Richards

REAL Country Music with a little edge by the Honky Tonk Champion of the World, Jamie Richards. Latest CD “All About the Music” is available now on iTunes.

Rarely do you find a singer with a voice that delivers emotions as convincingly as Jamie Richards. At home anywhere there’s cold beer and a sawdust dance floor, Jamie is successfully climbing the country music ladder, one rung at a time– and he’s doing it his way.

Jan. 12 The Blue Grooves w/ Special Guest: Noble Age
Jan 12 @ 9:00 pm


From February 2014 onward, The Blue Grooves have tried to make the most of their musical abilities by playing as many styles as possible. Along with writing and recording their own music, they have covered as many genres as possible from an ever-expanding playlist of Country, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, 80’s, 90’s, Folk and more. Debut album set for release in 2016.

Jan. 14 JB & the Moonshine
Jan 14 @ 9:00 pm – Jan 15 @ 2:00 am

JB & the Moonshine — Official WebpageFacebook Page
JB 1200 x 628 copy

JB and the Moonshine Band are a group of four young East Texans whose love for music brought them together in a somewhat unorthodox way. In early 2009, front man JB Patterson gave up a successful advertising career to pursue his dream of being a songwriter. After realizing how difficult it is for a songwriter to break into the music scene, he realized what he had to do—start a band and sing the songs himself!

JB listed an open casting call for musicians in his community. Turnout for the audition was small; only three people showed up, but three was enough. The group had an impromptu jam session and as JB describes it, “It was obvious. Halfway through the first song, I knew they were the Moonshine Band”. After a successful first show at local honky-tonk, JB and the boys were willing to do whatever it took to get their songs out there. “Our motto was if anybody offered us a gig, we would play it. We were going to play every show we could whether they offered us a thousand dollars or a hundred… or sometimes nothing at all”. With a jerry-rigged PA system and a rented U-Haul van, the boys travelled through East Texas, gaining a local following. The group’s big break came while opening for Average Joe’s Entertainment artist Colt Ford in March of 2010. The band’s country sound and outlaw attitude immediately caught the attention of Colt’s team, and in July of 2010, JB and the Moonshine Band signed a record deal with Average Joes Entertainment.

The band’s debut album, “Ain’t Goin Back to Jail” premiered in September of 2010, with Gabe Guevara on drums, Hayden McMullen on lead guitar, Chris Flores on bass guitar and JB providing lead vocals, banjo, and acoustic guitar. JB also serves as the band’s lyricist, writing all of the songs on the record, which is an accomplishment he’s particularly proud of: “What I like is that we write our own songs—I sing my own songs, and I think that adds an element of authenticity that country music fans appreciate. We’re not super polished, we’re not overproduced, we’re raw, we’re real, and we don’t apologize for it”.

Jan. 19 Mike Dean Band
Jan 19 @ 9:00 pm


Jan. 20 Shane Smith & the Saints w/ Special Guest: Strangetowne
Jan 20 @ 9:00 pm

Shane Smith and the Saints

Play just the first 10 seconds of “The Mountain,” which opens Geronimo, the
latest and most ambitious release from Shane Smith & The Saints. Robust a
cappella, four-part harmonies set the stage for a saga of family tragedy, a young
son’s revenge and a blaze burning eternally in a Pennsylvania mine. The vivid
lyrics, powerful vocals and thumping four-beat drums throughout this song are
reason enough for lovers of creative roots music to celebrate.
From their home base in Austin through performances across the country (17
states) and abroad (Ireland), these five gentlemen have not just stuck stubbornly
to their musical and lyrical convictions. They’ve defied audience expectations by
delivering incendiary shows, each one ignited by the band’s ability to unleash,
feed from and feed back the energy of the crowd — in spite of the fact that they
don’t fit easily into any musical category.
With Geronimo, they’ve dared themselves to exceed their own expectations.
Each song begins with Smith creating its “bones,” in the form of chords and lyrics.
He then joins fiddler Bennett Brown, lead guitarist Tim Allen, bassist Chase
Satterwhite and drummer Bryan McGrath in the studio to bring those bones to life.
Aside from a bit of cello, some horns and a few keyboard parts, the band lays
down each note on Geronimo. Their ability to bring songs to life has even earned
them opportunities to record instrumental tracks for other artists.
Smith’s ability to draw images from everyday life into poetry goes back to his
earliest days in Terrell, Texas, an hour east of Dallas.
“There was an old Catholic church right next to our house,” he recalls. “To this
day, I remember those church bells ringing. In fact, I use that reference in a song
from Geronimo called ‘Suzannah,’ which is about a guy who’s fighting a war and
is thinking of his hometown — and he also remembers being raised with a church
bell ringing on the hour every day.”
Before he ever thought of himself as a songwriter, Smith was concerned mainly
with tennis. He played for the formidable program at Tyler Junior College before
transferring to St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. Smith soon began getting
into music as well, playing solo gigs in local bars. And he began writing, inspired
by looking at life as it played out around him.
“I’d be in a restaurant and overhear someone saying something, and I’ll have to
excuse myself, walk outside and write a note to myself about it,” he says. “These
days, I make little iPhone recordings. The other day I made one about this
homeless guy I saw by the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere. He was
dirty and worn out but he was picking these gorgeous flowers. I constantly see
moments and images and statements, put them in the bank and have them there
to reflect on and make into honest lyrics down the road.”
Even when he writes a love song, Smith almost can’t help but turn the mundane
into something transcendent. On Geronimo, he does this with “All I See Is You”:
“The storm’s running through the Midwest like a bandit on the loose. / All the
clouds are black as night and all I see is you. / The rain’s pouring through the
window panes and the cracks of this roof. / Tea’s boiling from the spout of the pot,
but all I see is you.”
Recorded and self-produced while on the road throughout Austin, Dallas and
Nashville, Geronimo weaves these images into story lines, each enhancing the
other, together coming alive. “I love trying to tell stories through songs,” Smith
observes. “There’s something that fascinates me about echoing old tales in
songs to carry them on for years and years, like old folk songs.”
And so we travel with a newly freed slave in the nineteenth century, hearing the
music and feeling the exuberance of dancing in Congo Square on “New
Orleans.” We feel the rueful reflection from a sinner who “spent time on the
wrong side of the church door” on “Right Side of the Ground.” We stand shoulder
to shoulder with the Alamo’s doomed heroes as their final seconds near on
“Crockett’s Prayer.” And the title track serves a dual purpose, taking us to a
heroic time and place while making a broader statement about this project.
“On one end, it is an attempt to pay tribute to the life of Geronimo, the Apache
warrior,” says Smith. “I’ve always been fascinated by Geronimo and the
principles he stood for. This also presented the perfect opportunity to relate the
term ‘Geronimo’ with our intensions of this album and the ‘jumping from a cliff’
idea that it symbolizes. If we are going to attempt a career in music, this album is
our commitment to give it everything we’ve got.”
“Our goal with this album was never to put out a bunch of catchy singles and be
all over the radio,” explains Smith. “It was to set us apart, with meaningful lyrics,
huge harmonies and the sound of a hard-working band that has played some
crappy gigs and come out stronger for it. We always had the options to either
make a ‘safe’ record or put something out that sounds like us and no one else.”
“We took that second option and named it Geronimo.”

Jan. 22 Thomas Csorba w/ Special Guest: Brother of Pearl – This is an 18 & up Show
Jan 22 @ 9:00 pm


Thomas Csorba is a singer/songwriter from Houston, TX who grew up listening to artists like Townes Van Zandt, Buddy Holly, and Woodie Guthrie. Soon after immersing himself in these artists’ work, he felt compelled to start making music of his own. He released his debut EP, “Kentucky”, in the spring of 2014. With this release, he secures his place among the storied voices of folk and Americana music. Melancholy and nostalgic, this songs are written for old souls. Csorba’s songs — rustic, honest, and as mournful as they are sweet — recall the best of the artists he admired as a kid. “Kentucky”, in that great tradition, is the offering of a man both weary and hopeful, a traveller on a long journey home. With the release of his sophomore album “Hard Truths and Noble Lies” the following year, Csorba continues to show his skills both lyrically and vocally. HIs discography shows his true outlook on the world around him and give the listener a different perspective on life: one from the eyes of a young man who is pursuing a dream.

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