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Jun. 29 Casey Daniels Band
Jun 29 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

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Johnny Cash once said “You’ve got a song you’re singing from your gut, you want that audience to feel it in their gut; and you’ve got to make them think that you’re one of them sitting out there with them too. They’ve got to be able to relate to what you’re doing.” Well that’s exactly how the Texas music artist Casey Daniels Band writes and performs their songs, straight from their heart and from their gut.

The Denison Texas native Casey Daniels, has been writing and singing songs about his life and personal experiences all over Texas since 2009. The band has worked hard to carve out a great path in the Texas music scene so far, and are only growing more and more every day; gaining loyal fans with their debut demo “Wild Saturday,” which sold over 3,500 copies on iTunes alone. It helped put their band on the map, and helped them win the Texas Select Artist of the Month in October of 2013.

It all started after Casey attended a Stoney Larue concert at the age of 17, Casey said “as soon as I saw the crowd of 1,000+ people and saw Stoney hit the stage that night, I knew right then and there that I wanted to be on that stage one day.” So after that Casey picked up a guitar and started writing his own songs when he was just 18 years old. “I didn’t know much, but I knew that I loved the country greats like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams, and I just wanted to write and sing songs just like them.” He said “I just want to tell my story through my songs, that’s where I let my guard down, and get personal.” He started out just playing songs for his friends down by the lake and has since turned into playing concerts all across Texas for large crowds he would of never dreamed of playing in front of. They have sold out such venues as Hank’s Texas Grill in McKinney, Tupelo Honey (formerly Smitty’s Bar & Grill) in Denison, The Drunken Mule in Commerce, and The Hangar in Greenville.

​In September 2016, they released their newest album “Backroads & Moonshine” that features remastered songs from their demo “Wild Saturday” as well as an all new song. The album starts off with their newest radio single “Party Girl” and takes you away from there into their signature red dirt/Texas country sound, complete with catchy guitar licks, a swooping lap steel guitar, smooth bass lines, and a heart pounding rhythm section. The album also features songs like “Backroad Angel” where they talk about having that one girl that just loves to jump in your truck and drive away into the sunset on a backroad; and songs like “Texas Man” and “Wild Saturday” that have the “young, wild, and free” without a care in the world kind of attitude. It even includes songs like “Dirty Water” and “Bust out the Moonshine” that talk about the process of making moonshine all the way to the parties where drinking ‘shine and staying out all night is almost a way of life. When it comes to “Backroads & Moonshine” there is song for just about anyone on there, if you’re looking for a “going out on the town” song, or just a song that you need when you’re going through a tough time, I guarantee you’ll find a song on this album to help you through it.

They have had the opportunity to share the stage with the great artists of Texas Country such as: Austin Allsup, Uncle Lucius, Stoney Larue, John David Kent, Zane Williams, Whiskey Myers, Mike Ryan, Jason Meadows, Bart Crow Band, Chris Knight and Ray Wylie Hubbard.

They have their new single “Party Girl” on Texas Radio, and it is proving to be a success on the charts so far, and it’s only going higher each week. In August 2016, they reached a new high with “Party Girl” gaining over 100,000 streams on Spotify in just under two weeks of its release. They are hitting the road hard for the finish of 2016, and plan on only moving further ahead in their journey through the Texas Music Scene, so be on the lookout for Casey Daniels Band.

Jul. 1 Threadbare Jesters & Zach Walthers
Jul 1 @ 9:00 pm – Jul 2 @ 2:00 am

Threadbare Jesters:

Zach Walthers

Jul. 6 Mike Love
Jul 6 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

When most people hear the term ‘new country artist,’ their mind immediately paints a picture. Young. Naïve. Unseasoned. Cheese. Members of the Idol Generation where record deals are obtained by winning a contest and success is measured in YouTube views.
That picture couldn’t be further from the truth.
Mike Love is a new artist, but one with fifty thousand miles on him. An artist who not only grew up in and around the music industry, but has spent his entire life strapped with a guitar both onstage and in the studio. With a four song EP to his name back in 2002, Mike’s also no stranger to the center stage spotlight. A decade and million miles later, Mike saw it as time to step back into the center of the stage and take the music where he wants it to go.
With his new album Gypsy Man, Mike has made a definitive statement…he loves country music. Not what most (sadly) consider to be country music, but REAL country music. Songs that are rooted in stories and melodies that don’t cross over onto Adult Contemporary radio. Country so authentic that when it comes through your car speakers the dashboard starts to smell the same as a stale beer soaked bar stage.
Gypsy Man is an album in the sense that there is an underlying theme that threads all of the songs together, and that theme is the road life of a musician. It is the story of the gypsy lifestyle and a peek inside a life that most people never experience. What it’s like to be on the road hopping from town to town and never really settling in.
Recorded with a bunch of different players he’s played with over the years, a drummer from Oklahoma, steel player and organ players from Kansas, and the bulk of the guitars from a player in Texas, Love tracked most of the album at his own studio in Kansas. That said, the guitars were recorded in Texas and the album was mastered by Richard Dodd in Nashville. Yes, the same Richard Dodd that won a Grammy for his work on Tom Petty’s Wildflowers as well as worked on albums by The Traveling Wilburys, Ringo Starr, Joe Cocker, Steve Earle, Keith Urban, John Mellencamp and more.
Mike grew up around music as his Dad filled his son’s ears with the songs of George Jones, Merle, Willie & Waylon. He gave up his dreams of becoming an artist in his own right in order to raise his kids, but remained a singer / songwriter and producer for many artists in Kansas. When Mike started playing, he worked with him to the point that when Mike became part of a major act, his Dad was an integral part of the project from behind the scenes.
“My first real country gig was playing rhythm and singing harmony for a friend of mine named Terry Henry. He had his own deal going so I was basically his sideman. He was based out of Kansas, but we toured all over the country. We tried to get a record deal in ’92 as a duo and when that didn’t work out we parted ways. My Dad produced us and we wrote with him as well.
“Back then we were just trying to fit into whatever mold Nashville wanted. The look, the sound, trying to be marketable, but as I got older I realized that all of that didn’t matter.” What really mattered was the music.
After twelve years on the road, Mike decided to step back and take a break. While he may have backed off, he didn’t back out. In addition to owning a construction company that specializes in building homes, he also owns and operates a recording studio in Wichita, KS. For the four years that he was shaking the road dirt off his guitars, the studio allowed him to keep his creative muscles in shape.
“I’ve been around producing and engineering all my life with my Dad but more since I came off the road. It’s fun to be on the outside of the music looking in at the other people and trying to help them get a better sound or come up with a better idea. It’s nice to help with the overview without being in the middle of it. That allowed me to be creative as well.”
As any true musician will tell you, you can never really leave it behind. As the years passed by, four in all, Mike began toying with the idea of trying again. He started writing some new songs, revisiting some old ones and before he knew it, Gypsy Man was a real thing only done with a whole fresh approach.
“Right before I decided to take a break about five or six years ago, I hooked up with a producer, went out to Nashville and cut an album. I didn’t like it though because it sounded like the same ol’ same ol’. Now I decided to give it a shot again but I produced this album Gypsy Man myself. I did it my way. Now when I get back up there and play it’s a reflection of what I am hearing instead of the same cookie cutter thing. I just need to deal with what I want to do and the style of music I want to play. I don’t play what I do for the fame and fortune. It’s more or less this is my music and I hope you like it.”
With a sound rooted in the realm of Texas artists like Randy Rogers or Josh Abbott, Gypsy Man is the story of the traveling musician. Songs like “Long Way Home,” “Drifter’s Lament” and the title track paint the lonely picture of the road and empty hotel rooms while the song “Get Going” stands strong in its almost Eagle-esque melodies.
But don’t for a moment think those stories lend themselves to a laid back, acoustic coffee shop sound. Mike is an artist that comes from the stage and he knows and appreciates the power of a show. In fact, that’s what he thrives on.
“I like to play. I want to be a touring artist. I like to sell my records and play live, but I really record so I CAN play live. It’s a full band with me. I’m really into the big live show, I’m not really a coffee show acoustic guy.”
With Gypsy Man out and available, Love is gearing up to hit the road. Starting at his home base in the Midwest, the bus wheels will more than likely spider out all the way west to Wyoming, south to Texas and hopefully as far north as Chicago. The goal is to spend the summer playing festivals and then take it inside to the clubs come fall with a grand total of about 150 plugged in dates this year. Even with his four year absence from the road, the public has spoken and there are still plenty of people out there who ‘found’ Mike when he was opening up the show for superstars that range from Toby Keith to Tim McGraw to Jason Aldean.
“I still have a fan base out there. My fan club is still very strong and it gives me a good foundation to build off of.”

Jul. 8 American Gypsy Band
Jul 8 @ 8:00 pm – Jul 9 @ 2:00 am

American Gypsy Band

American Gypsy Band was formed in late 2011 and has lead to the release of two original albums. The first simply entitled American Gypsy was released in late August. 2012. Their follow up album , Busted Knuckle Breakdown was just released in March 2014. The Gypsies consist of Erik Hanchey(vocals),Brent Samperi (bass),Jonas Lorence(guitar) and Marty Mack(drums.) When the four gypsies met they were involved with other bands in the Austin area. For the most part cover bands and party bands. At that time Javi Moctezuma was still on drums and his work is featured on both albums. From their first discussion of starting a new project they knew they were bound for something bigger and new original material was on the horizon. And the material just keeps on flowing. Marty Mack joined the band officially in March of 2014. Paul Ramsey took his place on drums in 2015 and has been a fine addition. Michael Ingalls joined the band in March of 2017 on lead guitar after the announced departure of founding member Jonas Lorence. Their music is a brilliant hybrid of Outlaw Country, 70’s & 90’s rock, and good old fashioned Rhythm and Blues. They can be found playing all over the Central Texas and Hill country area and are anxious to take their act further down the road. Catch their act and check them out on Facebook.

Jul. 13 The Tall Boys
Jul 13 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

The Tall Boys

In the beginning, God created the Tall Boys–a high-strung, far-flung Country/Western duo who write music so profound, it’s helped collapse six totalitarian regimes.
Both emerging from meager roots in Texas and Pennsylvania respectively, these two knuckleheads met at a fat-chick karaoke bar in Gulfport, MS sometime in early 2014. After the two drunk Southern Mississippi grads realized that the other could write music and also wanted to restore the glory of Country Music, the collaboration of the century began.
The Tall Boys currently have over 120 original songs and writing weekly! People have commented on our style of music as bluegrass, punk, blues, and rockabilly. We’re currently playing on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi (Ocean Springs, Gulfport, Biloxi). If you listen to good music and appreciate originality, then sit back, relax and enjoy–or, come experience The Tall Boys in person.

Willie J. Robinson (PA/MS): vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, bass, piano/keys, mandolin, harmonica.
Curtis Tomlinson (TX): vocals, lead guitar, slide, mandolin, banjo, percussion.
Johnny W. Ponytail (MS): percussion/drums, cajon

The recordings are not the greatest quality, but it’s the live performance you must see! We’re currently working on a professional quality album.
Come see us live and your mind will be blown like Nagasaki, circa 1945.

Jul. 14 Jake Ward and Grady Spencer
Jul 14 @ 9:00 pm – Jul 15 @ 2:00 am

Jake Ward — Grady Spencer

Bio Grady Spencer and the Work is a blue collar band, making blue collar music, for a blue collar world.

The Work is a band formed and based out of the great city of Fort Worth, Texas. Songwriter Grady Spencer met and befriended guitarist Trevor Powell and drummer Blake Sager on the stage of Paradox Church, under the marble angels of Bass Hall. After an absence of a steady bassist developed into an issue, Grady took to the dank underbelly of the Craigslist musician forums. It was there he found seasoned veteran Steve Moore lurking in the shadows, vintage bass in hand.

Grady Spencer and the Work meld together the grit of the old-time blues with the blood-red soil of classic country to forge a well-worn hammer of modern music. Their high energy shows keep people thirsty, rowdy, and always ready for more. The Work, from time to time, can be found riding around in what has been deemed “Jean-Claude Van Dam”, an iconic and stately Econovan, to criss and cross all over the Southern United States. Their shows have been described as “unmissable” by more than one late night drinker…and they always know everything about everything.

Jul. 15 Wade Andrew Smith & Driftwood
Jul 15 @ 8:00 pm – Jul 16 @ 2:00 am

Wade Andrew Smith & Driftwood
I have to thank my father for taking me to the Wynona Theater back in 1964 on Main St. in downtown Tomball, Texas to see the movie “Your Cheatin’ Heart”. That’s where it all began. The story of Hank Williams to this day still hangs around in the back of mind along with all of those songs on the album my dear mother bought me at the local grocery store. I ran the needle through that album, wrote down the lyrics on a Big Chief tablet and learned the chords to every song on an old acoustic guitar bigger than me. My father also picked and sang with the owner of the local Western Auto, Sonny Wilcox. I grew up listening to Hank, Merle, George, Johnny and Roger Miller to name a few. I grew up on a farm and experienced the country life where my father would drive back and forth to Houston everyday to provide us with the things necessary for that lifestyle. I learned how to drive in a Chevy pickup he bought at Ford’s Chevrolet. Our old frame house on twenty three acres had everything including a three wheel John Deere tractor. Baby calves and young colts were fed from a bottle. Klein High School FFA would come to our house on field trips to see what real farm life was like. Saturday night dances at Spring Creek Park and Tin Hall listening to Bud and Bud the Hooper Twins and my parents square dancing at the old Humble camp were a common practice. I remember riding my horse bareback down the side of the road singing Dang Me, Hang Me. I’m not officially a songwriter yet, maybe the ideas and memories of past life experiences will someday come out in a song.

You see this band Driftwood was started back in October of 2007. It’s just something I dreamed of doing for a long time. Before that I sang with a local band in LaPorte, Tx. Many thanks to George Dyer for giving me my start on stage. In addition to that I want to thank all the musicians that I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. I have learned something from each and every one of you. Thank you. Thanks to all the songwriters and Stormy Cooper and Lyndon Hughes at SC Media for a stellar CD. I also thank God above for allowing me to follow my dreams and passion and sending me my darlin’ wife who supports me 100% and is my biggest fan!

So, although my history does not include songwriting and years of playing on stage, the boys of Driftwood and I will continue to provide our audience with great dance music and do what we love to do; make people dance!

Jul. 20 Amelia Presley
Jul 20 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Amelia Presley

Amelia Presley is a Country-Blues Singer-Songwriter from a farm in Mississippi who aspired to follow in the footsteps of her cousin, Elvis Presley. Her raspiness, power, soul and unique tone grew her fan base in a few short years. Amelia served in the United States Coast Guard for five years before pursuing music full time in 2015. She has been on the road with an active touring schedule since then including touring with Country Music legend, Ronnie McDowell in 2015. In 2016, Amelia Presley signed to the label, Heart Songs Records. Her single, “Get Lucky”, was released under the label and was featured on iTunes Country Hot Tracks for 12 weeks. In September of 2016, Amelia joined a musical group called, “The Highway Women”. Their first single, “Highwayman” was recorded in Nashville with Willie Nelson’s touring harmonica player and Chris Stapleton’s touring steel guitarist.

Amelia has released an album, three singles and is in the process of releasing her latest EP, “The Laws I’ve Broken”. Presley will hit the road in 2017 for her “Laws I’ve Broken” Tour.

Jul. 21 Zach Coffey
Jul 21 @ 8:00 pm – Jul 22 @ 2:00 am

To say that Zach Coffey is different from most young country musicians would be an understatement. How many others sang opera in college?

Not only is his musical background different, but so is his approach to his performances. Consider one of the mantras he shares with the members of his band, Zach Coffey and the Grind.

“People are here on their free time to see us work — it’s an escape from the work week. Make it worth their time.”
“They worked all week, and this is their night off. They chose to come here, so let it be a vacation for them,” Coffey says. “No matter what level we’re at, there is someone out there who would kill to be in the position I am right now.”

That infectious enthusiasm for making music and entertaining audiences comes through loud and clear when the band is on stage and in the recording studio. Coffey’s smooth, versatile voice blends perfectly with the instruments and a fresh sounds.

The band burst into the Texas music scene, almost immediately after its inception in the summer of 2013. The group’s first single, I Love You Anyway, shot up to No. 8 on the Texas music chart; its follow-up single, Comin’ Back Around, also cracked the list of the top songs being produced in Texas and continues to climb. The band has a sound that suggests a much longer history, and has inspired comparisons to artists like Wade Bowen and the Eli Young Band. Coffey has enormous respect for those artists, but is not sure the comparisons are an exact match … which he sees as a good thing.

“We have been told we’re ‘not rough enough to play in Texas,’ or that we’re ‘not country enough,’” Coffey says. “But that’s not a bad thing. I’m glad that we don’t sound exactly like somebody else, because if I sound like somebody else, I’ll just be the next ‘somebody,’ and that’s hard to live up to. We admire a lot of people, but we feel like we have a unique sound, and our fans really like what we do. We play a style of music that moves us and hopefully people see that.”

The band’s sound has worked. Since the foursome came together, fans have turned out in droves, packing some of the top music venues in North Texas.”
Now the band’s audience continues to grow through a slate of performances across the Southwest, new original music and through avenues like the “Coffey Break” feature that appears each Wednesday on the band’s Facebook page. How large that audience will end up being is anyone’s guess.

“I don’t know,” Coffey says when asked about what he and his band might become. “I’ll never be complacent with where I am in my career, where we are as a band. We’re going to keep making music and keep reaching out to the people who come see us play. They enjoy the music, and we love making music for them.”

Jul. 22 Bayou City Funk
Jul 22 @ 9:00 pm – Jul 23 @ 2:00 am

Bayou City Funk – Versatile deep funk/soul/jazz fusion outfit that mixes tight grooves, full horn melodies, and soulful vocals into positive and energetic live performances.

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